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Are you happy?

Guest Post: Sarah Intelligator I live in an incessant state of overwhelming gratitude, undermined by crippling guilt. It’s a weird place—what Camus would likely refer to as the “absurd.” I know I’m so fortunate to have a career that provides me with financial freedom, but also independence. At the same time, I feel chained to…

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Should I get a CV test?

Should I get a CV test? At least 3 times a day for the last few weeks I have been asked this question.  Often there is no simple answer and I ask the parent if they would like one done. Of course, if you are in the hospital, that is a different story and they will…

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What to look for in a formula?

What to look for in a formula?   One of the most common questions I get from parents who choose to feed their children with formula is which brand(s) I like best. As a Pediatrician, we always aim to encourage breastfeeding where possible, but there are many situations where a parent cannot breastfeed or chooses…

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