Harmony Healing Center

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Brandon M Lundell
Contact Information
714 Kimbark Street, Longmont, Colorado 80501
Detailed Information

Practicing Functional and Integrative Medicine for over 15 years. Dr. Lundell is very caring and very thorough. His focus is not only helping you feel better, but getting to the cause of why you have symptoms so you can truly heal. His practice approach is very leading-edge and evidence – based. He will spend time listening to his patients to develop a deeper understanding of each person’s challenges and goals. Treatments are individualized and effective. Dr. Lundell will be available and encouraging every step along the way back to true Health. Success at treating many modern illnesses such as autoimmune, irritable bowel, thyroid disorders, neurological issues, autism, depression, fatigue, joint pain, headaches and more.

Date Established
Dr. Joel 'Gator' Warsh

Dr. Joel 'Gator' Warsh

Dr. Joel Gator Warsh believes in an integrative approach to healthcare. He works with a wide variety of specialists and holistic practitioners.

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Join your hosts, Dr. Joel “Gator” Warsh an Integrative Pediatrician and award-winning filmmaker Rob Herring for a 5 day free online event you won’t want to miss. 



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