Check out this video below where I talk with my good friend, Carla Atherton, about her new book, Family Health Revolution.

In this book, she discusses how to use lifestyle medicine to overcome disease, illness, and discomfort, demedicalize family health, slow down fast-paced modern family life, reduce stress, and return your family to the ease of wellness, naturally.

You’ll learn about…

      • Our new normal
      • Stopping chronic illness in its tracks
      • Redefining our children’s new normal
      • The medicalization of family health
      • How our environment affects our health
      • Lifestyle foundations
      • Slow family living for health
      • Parenting for health
      • Caring for caregivers
      • Caring for our parents and elders
      • Teaching self-care to your children
      • Common chronic illnesses defined
      • Advocacy and navigating the healthcare system
      • Reclaiming your family’s health
      • Your natural medicine cabinet
      • Your Healing Toolkit
      • How to return to the ease of family health
      • And more! (I don’t want to give it all away)

Carla Atherton is the Director of the Healthy Family Formula and the HFF Practitioner Training Academy, Host and Producer of the Children’s Health Summit, Author of Family Health Revolution, Family Health Consultant, and children’s health advocate.


Check out her amazing new book, the family health revolution here.


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