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Are you ready to support a
HEALTHY FUTURE for your family?


The experts, and the answers, are out there. And now, you can join this critical movement and help transform the way we look at wellness as a whole.

On our current path, future generations will see skyrocketing rates of chronic disease and life-long health challenges.

Thankfully, solutions to be proactive about your family’s health exist! Take initiative and learn about powerful healing modalities that practitioners use to help restore balance in adults and children!

Our Children's Health is at Stake

We’re at a turning point in history. We can blindly perpetuate our ever-increasing rates of childhood illness,
or we can work together to apply the real solutions to create foundational health.
YOU can take a stand today, as we turn the page into a new chapter of healthcare. A perspective that can help families regain the most valuable of all resources – our health and happiness! And a healing future will only come into being if we take action for a better world.

Let's Plant the S.E.E.D.S. of Health

Are you ready to have unlimited access to preventative wisdom, healing protocols, and expert advice, so you can focus on giving your family its best chance for a brighter tomorrow?

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For every Family Health Collection purchased, we make a donation to Trees for the Future, enabling them to plant another organic fruit or nut tree in a low-income community.

We spent over a year researching and assembling the best minds in pediatric health, to bring them into one place for the Integrative Pediatrics Summit. We hope these thought leaders inspired you. 

And now, you can learn from all 50+ experts featured in the Summit — exactly how to to focus on the foundations of health:


Learn how to keep your children (AND YOU!) not just calm, but centered, healthy and balanced. Stress is one of the underlying causes of SO many conditions. With these tools, you can nip it in the bud.


Identify the hidden toxins lurking in your home or the products used on your children (and what products you can use to replace them with gentle, natural options).


Our circulatory system, our lymphatic system, respiratory system, metabolic system and so much more, are linked to moving. Your kids don’t need to be professional athletes to see the proven benefits from staying active.


What can be one of the most confusing topics in health is simplified by top nutrition authors and doctors who can help you determine the simple adjustments that can make profound differences in your family’s health.


One of the most commonly overlooked solutions for wellness – get the science behind what works and what doesn’t. The tools for better sleep alone could revolutionize overall wellbeing for your child.

In this powerful gathering, award-winning doctors, authors, activists and even celebrity parents, came together to share healing perspectives from a variety of modalities, all aimed at supporting optimal wellness for you and your kids. 

But the learning journey doesn’t end with the conclusion of this live Summit. Indeed, it’s up to YOU to bring these practices into your family’s life in ways that will ripple into positive healing for years and decades…

It’s just the beginning! It’s up to you to join in this urgent mission. In fact, we need you. The planet needs you. Your children need you. And future generations need you. 

The only way an event like this matters is if we all take action to become part of the solution.

The vision of these brilliant speakers and doctors can only be realized when you step forward with us to make this message into a movement.

The truth is that we have a toxic, nutrient deficient generation, leading to almost inevitable disease. If we continue with the status quo, all future families suffer. We don’t want our grandchildren to have to be faced with judgment or criticism for wanting to seek the life-changing information that has been embarrassingly absent from education. 

But you can be part of the SOLUTION!

Take the next step and build a better future, by owning the Family Health Collection

The Family Health Collection contains all the expert presentations from the Integrative Pediatrics Summit, including over 50 of the top guest speakers, plus exclusive bonus coupons, and healing tools and resources, to make it as easy as possible to implement positive change.

Own all the knowledge, wisdom, and experience from this unprecedented event. Have expert guidance at your fingertips to show you the most practical tips and strategies to protect your family’s health from dangerous toxins, and do your part to build a healthier future for your children.

With Lifetime Access to the Family Health Collection, you get:

You can’t find these cutting-edge presentations on Youtube or Netflix.
But you can get them here, now!

Instant access to the experts in a vast array of conventional and “alternative” modalities..
Simplified strategies to reduce confusion on the most commonly seen pediatric conditions.
Discover secrets to remove unwanted toxic chemical exposure to your children and community.

Support your family’s health, and our mission with
lifetime access to the Family Health Collection today!

Family Health Collection: $197​

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

Empowering families around the world with hopeful, nuanced, open-minded education, is the key to transforming the health of our next generation.


“A good doctor is a good teacher.”

— Dr. Gator

Own lifetime access to the urgent information from all 40 Integrative Pediatrics Summit presentations, including:

Early Childhood: Setting Kids Up For Success

with Dr. Aviva Romm (herbalist, midwife, and best-selling author), Andrew Gardner & Daniella Monet (Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101, Victorious, iCarly). Aviva shares her unmatched wisdom on working through the physical and emotional hurdles of dealing with a challenging birth experience.

Toxins In Baby Products

with Hilary Duff, actress (Lizzie McGuire) and entrepreneur. Hilary walks us through what she learned about toxins in baby products through the launch of her Happy Little Camper diaper and wipe line.

Easy, Cost & Time Effective Lifestyle Tips To Heal And Prevent Chronic Disease

with Dr. Madiha Saeed (aka HolisticMom, MD – a board certified Family Physician, best-selling author of The Holistic Rx. Dr. Saeed). Dr. Saeed discusses the pillars of health (Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Stress, Family) and how to prevent, or start the healing process from chronic disease.

Healing Foods For Kids

with Ocean Robbins (CEO, Cofounder of Food Revolution Network) and Emilie de Ravin (star of LOST, Once Upon A Time, Roswell). Learn the best – and worst – types of foods for kids, how to properly read food labels, what healthy snacks can transform your family, and so much more.

The Full Story On Gluten

with Dr. Tom O'Bryan (Founder of Everything you ever wanted (or didn’t want to know) about gluten. Dr. O’Bryan discusses exactly what the fuss is about, why it’s become a super villain, and what you can do about it?

Vitamins And Omegas In Children

with Dr. Dafna Adhoot, MD (Pediatrician, Founder of Babyvites). Dr. Adhoot teaches us how and when to know if children need vitamins and omegas – and when they do, how to choose the best quality supplements!

Clean Your GUTter - Everything You Need To Know About Pediatric Gut Health

with Dr. Michael Ruscio (Author, Host of Dr. Ruscio Radio). He discussed pediatric gut health, probiotics and the how to’s of having a happy, healthy gut!

And so many more...

The Family Health Collection is designed for beginners and advanced solutionists alike. They make it easy to step into your power and join the most important fight in our planet’s history. And to have FUN doing it!

Become part of this growing movement of health conscious parents and citizens working to restore wellness to our lives, our families, and our world.

“The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it.” – Hippocrates

Quarantine Video Series

Your Family Health Collection also includes the entire brand new series where Dr. Gator interviews top experts for the most concise tips and strategies on how families can not just survive, but thrive during our ever-changing world. You’ll hear advice on the most common questions parents and families have faced in these unprecedented months of 2020, and how to best be prepared for future challenging situations that lie ahead.

These contain informative, cutting-edge nuggets of wisdom that we just had to include right now while we continue to navigate this historic year.

We’re excited to include these for you! 

In the Quarantine Video Series section of the Family Health Collection, you’ll hear from:

Dr. Tiffany Jumaily


Dr. Alexander Serbanescu

Family Physician

Rachelle Wood


Dr. Dorie Weiss


Dr. Jill Lasky

Holistic Dentist, and Oral Health Expert

Dr. Brett Genzel-Derman


Dr. Donna Ruiz

Integrative Pediatrician

Emilie De Ravin

Emilie de Ravin


Dr. Lawrence Rosen

Pediatrician & Author

Beate Walden

Musician, Artist, Psychologist

Support your family’s health, and our mission with
lifetime access to the Family Health Collection today!

Family Health Collection: $197​

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you’ll also receive each and every interview in MP3 format to take with you on the go, in the car, or wherever you like to listen to this urgent, expert information. These complete interviews are offered nowhere else!

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Over a year of planning, assembling, and filming has led to this incredible collection. And now you can own it all, and be part of the open-minded, integrative healing revolution.

As we learned in the Summit, there are low-cost, real-world, effective solutions and strategies that can increase the chance of raising healthy children, and decrease the risk of chronic disease. But our culture is heading towards a brick wall. Nearly 20% of children are considered obese – even kids ages 2 to 5, obesity exists in nearly 14%!

Our food system, our exposure to toxins, our relationship with sleep, stress, and exercise…all play a major factor. These are the S.E.E.D.S. of health, and where science now shows us, are where we need to focus to build a strong, healthy future for our families. 

The stakes are high, and the urgency is real. But so are the solutions!

A healthier family is possible. And together, we can make it into a reality.

Plus – for every Family Health Collection purchased, we make a donation to Trees for the Future, enabling them to plant another organic fruit or nut tree in a low-income community. So you can support health for you, your family, and your planet, help us reach more people with this urgent message, AND invest in healthy food for low-income communities, all at the same time!

The clock is ticking — don’t miss the urgent opportunity
to participate in the movement to heal our world!

Support your family’s health, and our mission with
lifetime access to the Family Health Collection today!

Family Health Collection: $197​

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

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When you act now, you also get over a dozen game-changing bonuses to help you jumpstart your family’s journey into a more integrative mindset.

Bonus #1 - HolisticMOM Healing Bundle

(with Dr. Madeeha Saeed — Value: $347)
Our children. Our gifts. We have been given a responsibility to take care of them from the inside out.

Bonus #2 - The 2019 Food Revolution Summit

(with Ocean Robbins — Value: $197)
During the Food Revolution Summit, you’ll get the most up-to-date research and information about food, nutrition, disease prevention, immune health, and environmental stewardship.

Bonus #3 - Crohn's and Colitis Summit

(with Joel Sprechman BS CHHC RYT RL-I — Value: $197)
Learn how to fix your gut by learning from others who have already solved their Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Accelerate your healing today.

Bonus #4 - Healthy Gut, Happy You eBook

(with Dr. Michael Ruscio — Value: $14)
Are you ready to say goodbye to brain fog, fatigue, bloating, and digestive upset and other troublesome gut symptoms? Check out the Healthy Gut Healthy You Quick Start Guide

PLUS, so many more:

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Want a healthier, safer world, including not just human, but environmental health? At Integrative Pediatrics, so do we! For every Family Health Collection purchased, we make a donation to Trees for the Future, enabling them to plant another organic fruit or nut tree in a low-income community. By joining us today, you are not only committing to the future of health for you and your family, not just helping us reach more people with this urgent message, BUT, you’re investing in healthy food and ecosystems for those who need it most!

Support your family’s future, and this movement with
lifetime access to the Family Health Collection today!

Family Health Collection: $197​

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