Fresh and Budget-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

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Fresh and Budget-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

When you’re putting together your child’s Easter basket this year, why not consider some healthy alternatives to traditional candy bunnies? Instead, think about giving your child treats which are just as fun, but promote her well-being. Here are some fresh, budget-friendly ideas for assembling a basket full of goodies that are not only enjoyable, they are also good for your kid.

Just the Ticket

Children love to watch movies, so one great way to celebrate the holiday is to put together a movie night basket. Insert a couple of your kiddo’s favorite flicks, or pick out some uplifting classics. Good Housekeeping suggests films like The Wizard of Oz, The Muppet Movie, Sounder, or The Princess Bride. Choose something with a positive message, and complete the basket with things like popcorn, a few healthy toppings, and a microwave popcorn popper. Check reviews before purchasing a popper, since they come in a surprising variety, with different features, shapes, and sizes. Finish up with a printable movie ticket!

Make Morning Memories

Is your child more of a morning person, or does your younger love to help out in the kitchen during mealtime? In that case, consider a basket full of breakfast-oriented goodies, like bakeware, recipes, and ingredients. A silicone muffin pan is a nice, non-breakable and non-stick choice for kids, and they come in so many colors you could select your kiddo’s favorite. As far as recipes, include choices like healthy egg cups made with spinach and bell peppers. Some carrot muffins are another healthful choice, with a nod to the proverbial Easter bunny. For ingredients, bell peppers, carrots, walnuts, and raisins all lend themselves well for basket-fillers, so you can pack your gift with ample textures, flavors, and fun!

Something to Build On

Does your child like to put things together? If your kiddo is more in touch with her inner-engineer than her inner-chef, some STEM toys could be perfect basket-building material. Business Insider reviewed several kits and found some good options for kids in every age group. There are also selections to mesh with particular interests, such as for kids who prefer robotics, computing, and/or programming, so think about what will spark your youngster’s interest the most. Another idea would be a couple of STEM-style games. Supplement your gift with any appropriate tools or batteries, and include some printable brain teasers; for little children there are even printable robot parts. Top it all off with a nutritious, edible robot!

Natural Inclinations

Some kids prefer flora and fauna over man-made things, and if that sounds like your youngster, there are plenty of pertinent ideas for filling her Easter basket. For instance, for a garden-loving child, consider assembling the components for her own indoor herb garden. Add a pair of child-sized work gloves, appropriate tools, throw in a book or two about plants, and instead of plastic Easter grass, line the basket with a child-sized work apron.  If you’re crafty, you can even DIY the apron from an old pair of jeans.

For a kid who loves our feathered friends, a set of binoculars, a book about birds, and parts for a homemade birdhouse you build together can make her heart sing. If your child is more interested in nature’s four-legged representatives, consider an animal play set. It’s a chance for your youngster to enjoy self-expression, and there are sets with everything from barnyards to hand puppets, to a kit for future veterinarians. Another idea is to buy a membership to a nearby zoo, which can be a fun memory-maker for the whole family.

When it’s time to put together your youngster’s Easter basket, give some thought to providing healthy entertainment. Choose a few things that are sure to suit your child’s fancy. You don’t need to spend a bundle, and Easter will be festive and fun.

Guest Post By:  Julia Merrill

[email protected]

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