Homeschooling is not an easy task.  This new responsibility has been thrust onto parents around the globe.  Here are some resources that you may find helpful.

Mandy Musgrave chats with me about what she has learned about homeschooling over the years. She has one of the best homeschooling set-ups I have seen and she was willing to share some of the tips she has learned along the way.

Here are some of my favorite resources for parents on homeschooling

Family Education – At home resources for CV19 outbreak.

Scholastic Learn at Home – Fun topical reading on a wide variety of subjects.

Outschool – Live classes and camps.

Khan Academy – Well organised, free, and fun platform organised by grade level. Great for maths and grammar particularly. See CV19 intro guide.

BrainPop – Videos, quizzes and games on a huge range of topics.

Sir Linkalot – Spelling app, gamified. Great for dyslexics through spelling bee masters!

Mystery Science – Free, easy science projects which answers their questions about the world. 

Duolingo – Language learning tool.

826digitial – Budding writer resources.

Gardening with Kids – Lots of free lesson plans by the RHS.

FB Homeschool Group – A Facebook group dedicated to parents who are new to homeschooling


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