How Moms-to-Be Can Prepare for the Amazing Journey of Motherhood

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How Moms-to-Be Can Prepare for the Amazing Journey of Motherhood

Having a baby is an extraordinary experience, and chances are your little one is already continually on your mind. Contemplating what she’ll look like, how she’ll act, and the things you’ll do together is such a joy! Along with those happy thoughts, it’s also a good time to consider some basic preparations.

Gather Great Gear

While it might seem that motherhood should just be something you innately “know,” the reality is quite different. In fact, in the course of preparing for a newborn, there are some surprises along the way for most new moms, and sometimes little things can make a big difference.

Stocking up on a few things just for yourself can help set you up for comfort and convenience when your little one arrives. As an example, a well-stocked diaper bag, complete with things like hand sanitizer, lip balm, and dog poop bags can ease you through some sticky situations. (No, really! Dog poop bags come in handy for “surprises” you might encounter.)

Some specialty undergarments are another must-have for many moms. Women who have C-sections can appreciate supportive underpants, especially choices with silicon to reduce scarring. Those who are nursing can benefit from a hands-free pumping bra — especially if they’re heading back to the workplace. These bras are designed to allow access for nursing as well as hands-free pumping, so you don’t need to attempt wardrobe changes at awkward times.

Do Some Home Prep

For many parents, the fun part of preparing the house for a bundle of joy lies in aesthetically pleasing nursery design. While that’s both exciting and important, there are some details you don’t want to overlook, such as practicality.

Aim for washable surfaces and fabrics in the nursery as much as possible. When organizing the space, as recommends, put all your essentials within easy reach of the changing table. Steer clear of clutter, and take your lighting into account. A variety of layered light sources is a boon, along with a nightlight, ample natural light, and blackout window treatments to make the room as dark as night during the daytime so your little one gets some shuteye.

You should also go through your home and do some baby proofing. At this moment, it might seem like you have lots of time before your infant is mobile, but that day will be here before you know it. Properly anchor the furniture and electronic devices so they can’t topple onto your baby, and install locking devices on cabinet doors and drawers so curious hands can’t open them. Remove other hazards such as free standing lamps and coffee tables, and if you have area rugs, add non-slip pads underneath to make them more secure. For further details, you can review this baby-proofing checklist from the Bump.

Learning Opportunities

It’s truly impossible for any new mother to know everything on her own, but thankfully, there are helpful parenting classes available in most communities. Some focus on specific subjects, some on particular segments of the population, but all are designed to help set parents up for success. There are also classes online if you can’t find what you need locally, or the time or location is inconvenient.

Before the Drive Home

Last but far from least, at least a couple weeks before your due date, be sure to install your car seat in your vehicle and have it inspected to verify you did so correctly. It’s a small safety measure that can save your little one’s life, and it provides you with additional peace of mind.

Motherhood is a daunting adventure, and everything is about to change. With your supplies on hand, safety measures taken, and some classes under your belt, you’ll be ready to take things in stride. Becoming a mom is an indescribable miracle, and while it might feel a bit overwhelming, you’re going to be amazing!

Thank you for your kind consideration!

Guest Author: Alexis Hall
[email protected]  

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