Plants can be amazing air cleaners.  Here are a few of Rob and my favorites for your home. 


This succulent is known to release oxygen at night! It can be a great addition to a bedroom to increase the chances of a good night’s sleep. 

This yellow-tipped plant is also known as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue (We didn’t come up with it!).

It’s fantastic at removing volatile organic compounds (VOC) like formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, and trichloroethylene (many of which are used in the manufacturing of everyday products).  


From snakes to spiders, I promise these are much more friendly additions to your house than they sound so far!

Spider plants are incredibly resilient, so it’s hard to let them die, even with a lot of neglect. They are great for people new to indoor plants, and they’re also one of the few indoor plants that are non-toxic for pets!

The spider plant is great at removing harmful gases from the air like carbon monoxide and xylene.  


These VOCs I mentioned are found in things like cleaning supplies, personal care products, varnishes, printing supplies and more. 

Aloe is awesome to have on hand not just because it can remove formaldehyde and other VOCs, but it is of course a phenomenal natural burn gel. 

Sunburns or other minor burns can have 100% pure, fresh aloe vera applied right from inside the flesh of the plant. 

Aloe is a definite win-win –air quality, burn relief, and pretty tough to kill, even if you forget to water it on time.  


Some studies show this plant could be effective at reducing both mold and indoor airborne fecal particles (gross to think about, but could be near the bathroom or from pets). 

NASA study helped demonstrate the effectiveness of several indoor plant options, because in the confined chambers of spaceflight, without an atmosphere at all, astronauts need all the help they can get! 



There are so many more to mention like the Dragon Tree, Weeping Fig (ficus tree), Chinese Evergreen, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Butterfly Palm, Peace Lily…I hope you will consider visiting a local shop and asking an expert to help you select something great for your home.

Joel Warsh, MD and Rob Herring


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