Wellness Kit


Our children are sick and no one is sounding the alarm. Nearly half of all children have a chronic disease. The life expectancy for a newborn is lower than their parents. How did we get here?
The Integrative Pediatrics Wellness Kit features over a dozen world-renowned doctors and health practitioners, introducing you to a variety of holistic and integrative modalities, to learn all the options to keep your family healthy. Dr. Gator walks you through a mixture western and holistic approaches to the most common conditions he sees in his office including cough, cold, asthma, rash, inflammation, immune support, constipation, diarrhea, gut health and many more topics.

Learn the history and applications of everything from Ayurveda, to Herbalism, to Naturopathic Medicine. Our children’s wellness experts and doctors have been featured by: TedX, CBS, NBC, Today Show, Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed, Good Morning America, New York Times, People, Broken Brain2, and much more.

You receive over 11 hours of original HD video lessons from Dr. Joel and over a dozen of his trusted colleagues, walking you through the basics of what parents need to know when it comes to integrative medicine.

The Wellness Kit also features step by step slideshows, printable PDFs, and mp3s covering the top tips and strategies for dealing with the most common 20 childhood conditions that Dr. Gator sees in his practice.