We have so many incredible voices and minds participating in the upcoming Integrative Pediatrics Summit – and after an entire year of planning it’s now just days away!

Enjoy this inspiring sneak peek from some of our amazing presenters that will be in the Summit next week. 🙂

When we acknowledge what’s happening to children’s health around the world, it’s obvious how critical it is that this movement gains the attention and awareness it deserves. The health of future generations quite literally depends on it. 

So many powerful experts are coming together like never before for this unprecedented online event.

Please WATCH and share this video. We want to make sure this important information reaches as many families as possible, and we need your help to make that happen!

To your family’s health, 

Dr. Gator

Pediatrician and Host of the Integrative Pediatrics Summit

PS If you haven’t registered for the Integrative Pediatrics Summit yet, CLICK HERE TO JOIN!


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  1. Join the movement to integrating conventional & traditional medicine, holistically treating our bodies especially in the COVID times.

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