The Six Best Apps for First Time Parents


First-time parents have a lot to learn, but believe it or not, your phone can help. There are plenty of fantastic apps for first-time parents that will keep you on track despite your busy schedule and help you stay organized and sane. Here are a few suggestions from Dr. Gator that can definitely lend a hand.


Glow Baby

One of the best tracking apps for new parents is Glow Baby. This incredible app will help you track everything from sleep schedules to diaper changes. This free app also gives you loads of helpful information on all things baby, and you can read feeding tips while you rock your little one to sleep. The app easily lets you add new entries for diaper changes, runny noses, or even fussiness. Need to remember how long you breastfed yesterday? You can set a timer every time you nurse, and even make a note of how long your baby nursed on each side.


Milk Maid

For an app dedicated to nursing your little one with breast milk, try the Milk Maid app. This app allows you to track all your bottles of fresh or frozen breast milk. You can record pumping sessions, keep track of where you’ve placed milk, and easily remember if you need to take more milk to your mom’s house or the daycare. You can keep track of the dates you pumped, as well as how many bottles you and your little one’s caregivers used per day. This helps you track how long your current stash will last, and remind you when it’s time to pump.


Sleep Baby Sleep

Are you struggling to put your baby to sleep? An app that can help soothe your little one to sleep is Sleep Baby Sleep. This white noise app encourages your baby to stay asleep longer and gives you peace of mind knowing your baby is getting enough rest. You can choose between six different white noises, including the sound of a fan, hairdryer, or heartbeat. You can schedule the white noise to stop at a certain time, and gently wake your baby from their dreams to maintain a great sleep schedule. 


My Baby Today 

The My Baby Today app is a wonderful resource for first-time parents. You can access a wealth of resources for first-time parenting, and you can read all about sleep training, breastfeeding, and baby development. You can track your baby’s growth with the calendar and get weekly advice on your little one, including what milestones to watch for. 


Cozi Family Organizer

Do you struggle to get your spouse on the same page when it comes to baby care? First-time parents experience a big shift and adjusting to a new baby is a big change. Use the Cozi Family Organizer app to coordinate schedules and set reminders to provide the best care for your little one. As your baby gets older, you can keep using Cozi to track school meetings, practices, and lessons all in one app that’s easy to share with the whole family. This free app lets you plan the schedule and even organize grocery lists or plan dinner. 



When you’re adjusting to parenthood, the last thing you have time for is home-related tasks, whether chores or home repairs. The Angi app is a great tool for connecting you with a variety of qualified contractors. Do you need a fence company to mend the part of your fence where your dog keeps escaping to the neighbor’s yard? Did your washing machine break down in the middle of a laundry load full of baby clothes? Would a maid service add time back to your day? The Angi app has all of these specialists and so much more, and features customer reviews and even discounts being offered by local companies.


As a first-time parent, you have a lot on your plate. Late-night feedings are exhausting, and you have a million things to keep track of. Use these apps to stay organized and on track. Don’t run out of power, and keep a portable charger in the diaper bag. After all, it’s hard to remember to plug in your phone when you’re crawling back into bed after a midnight nursing session, so plan ahead and make sure you can always access the apps you love.


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